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Here are some plugins to chose from. The ones in the main body can be displayed in a sidebar or the body of the page. There is added Mortgage Rate plotter at the bottom in case you want to include that as well. I was able to get the Houses built in version to display but I had to turn on the sidebar option for this page to get it to show up. The ones that appear in the sidebar are a special widget type that can only be displayed in a side bar. This will effect the layout of the current page. If you want to be able to add them to a page there are a couple options:

  • Install another plugin that allows shortcode for displaying widgets in a normal page. RESULTS VARY
  • Modify the theme to add a widget area to pages, either above or below the main page content. This could take a couple hours to get it to integrate with the existing theme.



Your total monthly payment

Principal & Interest

Mortgage Calculator MCALC

Loan CalculatorMortgage Calculator
Mortgage CalculatorLoan Calculator
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$per year

Mortgage Rates MCALC

US AverageMortgage Rates
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These Widgets (below) will only display in the sidebar, which will affect the layout of your page.

Houzez Mortgage Calculator

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  • Years:
  • Balance Payable With Interest:
  • Total With Down Payment:

Calculate Mortgage Payments (RMC widget)

Simple Mortgage Calculator

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