Property Management

We are happy to work with key partners throughout the Bend area to help connect real estate investors to a broader range of services. In particular, our partners offer targeted services for property management and vacation rentals.

Property Management Service in Bend

We are happy to work with the experienced Mt. Bachelor Property Management, a premier rental specialist in Central Oregon that offers extensive property management services to owners, while still remaining local enough to understand and care for their properties. For those interested in investing in rental properties in Bend, property management can provide valuable advantages, including:

  • 24/7 emergency services for dealing with property issues immediately, improving tenant satisfaction, and avoiding long-term problems
  • Advice on the best local pricing choices, and how to react when the rental market shifts
  • Understanding the local rental laws of Oregon to help guide investors to make the right decisions while avoiding any unwanted legal surprises
  • Marketing rentals for the Central Oregon market and making properties easier to find online for those looking to rent
  • Making expansion into nearby rental markets or additional properties easier
  • Screening tenants to help avoid problematic tenants or issues with payments, etc.
  • Facilitating rent payment collection and dealing with issues related to payments and, if necessary, evictions
  • Ongoing maintenance to help keep properties looking their best, including inspections to watch for any developing problems and correct them, saving money on more expensive repair costs

With services like these, investors can choose rental properties with the knowledge they will be properly managed without requiring too much time – or too many headaches.

Vacation Rental Service in Bend

We are also proud to offer a variety of vacation rental investment opportunities in the Bend area. An extremely popular vacation destination like Bend has a broad variety of vacation rental options, and investors can choose specific areas to specialize in.

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